8 Projects We Want to Tackle in 2018

We’re moving in a couple weeks and we couldn’t be more excited!

Since we’ve had almost 2 months to dream of house projects, and 2 opportunities to walk through the house, we are feeling really ready to get started.

So with 6 months left in the year, here’s our plan:

  1. Paint our main living space. It’s currently a green-hued taupe and we think a coat of white will freshen up the space. Other than paint, we’re not planning on making any major changes to the living space this year, so thankfully it’ll be able to be a place of relaxation while we update the rest of the house.
  2. Rejig walls. We have rooms that don’t make sense, closets that feel out of place, and a hot water tank that was drywalled into a tight space. We need to find a carpenter to help us create a few new doorways, delete some closets, and reframe a couple rooms.
  3. Demo and replace all flooring, with exception of the hardwood. We have old tile to replace in the entryway and bathrooms, laminate to remove in the laundry room and bedrooms to sort out. We’ll be installing new and cohesive tile throughout the house, and carpet in the bedrooms.
  4. Remodel both bathrooms. By far the biggest project inside the walls of our home are the bathrooms. Both are very dated and need to be taken back to the studs. We’re planning to hire out the tiling, but other than that, we’ll DIY the rest!
  5. Update our master bedroom, including redesigning our closet. Our bedroom doesn’t feel like a master bedroom, so we’re keen to make some magic happen with new furniture, fresh paint, and rethinking the closet.
  6. Remove backyard deck and hot tub. We are new owners of a completely rotten deck and long abandoned hot tub — and they both need to go! In a few short weeks, we’ll be demo’ing the deck and using our new sawzall to cut the hot tub into recyclable chunks.
  7. Build raised garden beds. Our property doesn’t currently have a spot for veggie gardening, so Elliot is going to add a couple raised beds to our side yard. We’re excited to shift our veggie gardening from patio containers to a ton more space.
  8. Redesign flower garden. We are very lucky to have an old, established garden, but it’s also been long abandoned. This year will be the beginning of it being brought back to life. We have trees to move, weeds to kill, and a whole lot of perennials to plant.

We also need to buy a new couch (we sold ours before we moved!) and new laundry machines.

We’re getting married in September and then Jill’s having surgery in the fall, so this summer is going to be quite the crunch. Hopefully we’ll have functioning bathrooms before guests arrive! 🙂