9 Projects In Store for 2019

2018 is wrapped up and we’re onto a new year! How exciting, eh?

We’re kicking off the year on a rather calm note as we prepare for Jill’s surgery in a couple weeks. We’ve been giving ourselves lots of time and space to get mentally ready for what’s ahead.

There are a lot of unknowns with how long it will take Jill to recover from her surgery, but my plan is to spend a few months taking care of her, and then start on our projects in late spring.

We have a bunch of projects top of mind to wrap up this year (like our bedroom & the bathrooms), but also want to start some of our outdoor projects. Last year was a bit of a doozy with the bathroom chaos, but we’re optimistic that the worst is behind us. 🙂

Here’s what is top of mind for us this year:

  1. Finish master bedroom closet. We made a lot of progress on our bedroom last year, but we still have some work to do on the closet!
  2. Finish both bathrooms. Last year we worked through some BIG bathroom projects – from asbestos abatement to sub-floor repairs to new tile and all the plumbing woes. This year, we’re keen to finish them off. They need mirrors, fixtures, baseboards, new doors, and decor!
  3. Paint laundry room. We started on our laundry room last year, but now we need to put it together. This year we plan to paint it and add a new light fixture. Next year, we’ll probably build a countertop!
  4. Build veggie garden. Last year we added a couple raised beds to our property, but I would love to build Jill the large garden she’s always dreamed of. We’ve been scouting out locations on the property and I think we’ll likely convert part of our driveway into the garden. Stay tuned!
  5. Repair & replace house siding. Last summer when I removed the deck in our backyard, we discovered that part of our house siding was rotten. This spring, we’ll meet with a local contractor on what our options are to fix it.
  6. Paint house exterior. Our house is covered in peeling paint and in need of a face lift. I’m hoping to take a week off work this summer to paint it, and also hoping I can talk a friend into helping haha!
  7. Replace perimeter drainage. We’re about 2 months into winter, and man, we have water problems…! We have a lot of run-off from the cliff behind us and I had to dig trenches from the backyard to the ditch in order to run it away from the house (it’s no wonder the backyard deck was rotten!). This summer, we’ll replace it. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean I have to dig 100+ feet of trench by hand.
  8. Build new roof for firewood shed. Our firewood sheds are on the back of our property and they’re barely making it through the rainy days. This summer, I’ll replace them!
  9. Build covered porch. Lastly, we’d love to add a covered porch over our front door. Our door gets beat with rain and it’d be great to create a protected spot. With that said, there’s lots on the go this year, we’ll see if we get to it!

We have a lot of outdoor projects on the go this year, so looks like we’ll be making the most of the summer.