A Crisp + Clean Laundry Room Mood Board

Elliot has been working away on making our bathrooms functional and I’ve been daydreaming about our laundry room.

Back in August, Elliot ripped out the old linoleum and our tiler laid down new floors. We went with a large format marbleized tile (12″ x 24″). Shortly after our new laundry machines arrived, and since then the space has been stagnant…

A laundry room was never on our lists of musts when we were looking for a home, but it’s definitely a nice to have!

In many ways, the room is currently a blank slate. We removed the old cupboards, shelving and laundry sink back when we moved in, and now we’re excited to bring the space to life.

In a few weeks, Elliot is going to install some Ikea cabinet uppers (repurposed from another room in the house), paint and hang some peel & stick wallpaper. From there, we’ll replace the light fixture and slowly bring the space together.

We’re wanting to create a crisp and clean laundry room, but also long-term hoping for it to be a great place to store infrequently used kitchen appliances, canned pantry goods, etc.

We would also love to add a butcher block countertop, but for now, it’s out of scope! When we go down that road, we’ll likely recreate this $90 DIY plywood waterfall countertop.

So without further ado, here’s what we’re thinking!

We’ll be continuing the subway tile through this space so that the laundry room feels cohesive with the rest of the house.

Love some of the items we picked? Here’s where you can find them: