Building Raised Garden Beds

We’ve been on Bowen less than a week and we’ve already tackled our first landscaping project! Woohoo. ??

We were keen to build raised garden beds right away, as we have a ton of veggies (in pots) ready to plant! We decided to build them in the side yard because there was two existing rotten beds already there and we figured that if someone was previously growing there, it’s likely that it has enough sun.

Elliot chose 10′ cedar decking for the beds and we decided on 7′ x 3′. He added 4” x 4” wood posts to reinforce the beds and prevent them from bowing (soil is heavy!).

Once we figure out how to get some soil delivered ?, we will fill them up & plant ?????. We’re also going to add a perimeter of wood chips (or gravel) around the beds.

Tips for making your own raised garden beds:

  • To help choose the best location, check out the SunSeeker app to see how much sun your beds will get at different times of the year (veggies like tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers like it hot!)
  • Figure out how much wood you need (think through how to minimize wood waste)
  • Make sure your vehicle will fit the wood lengths (ours were 10ft long & we used the U-Haul that we rented for our move!)
  • Do your research on how to prevent weeds & choose what feels right to YOU! — cardboard vs. landscaping fabric vs. mulch etc
  • Plan for 2 days of work (easier on your back to split the shoveling over a couple days!