Derek Saves the Day

To say that we’ve had major plumbing problems would be an understatement. Well actually, we might have just had shitty plumbers.

We hired a plumbing company (and made a deposit!) to install the plumbing for our two bathroom vanities (one in the master bath, one in the main bath). They came, measured the vanities, marked the plumbing heights, did what they need to do and left.

We brought back the drywallers to get their part done, and then the plumbers came back. They went to install the vanities and the plumbing was at the wrong height. The short story is that they made an error, wouldn’t admit it and blamed us for what happened.

We made a quick post on our local small trades group asking for a plumbing recommendation and someone suggested we call Derek Nelson at Precise Plumbing & Heating in Vancouver. We had a quick chat with Derek, he said he could be over in a couple days and he immediately gave us confidence that he could sort out what happened.

The best contractors are the ones that are skilled (yes), but also down to earth, real, and straight up with what’s going on – whether that be mistakes, costs or life stuff.

As the drywall was done, Derek & Dan made the bare minimum openings in the wall to change the height of the plumbing. And then they got to work installing the vanities, hooking up the faucets and most important of all, ensuring we were happy. We can’t thank them enough.

By the time they left, we had running water in both bathrooms. The first time since early August. And just in time for Christmas.