Designing our Home (+ a Mood Board round up!)

In all honesty, we had no idea what we were doing when we designed our last home. We picked out items that we liked, and I really think got lucky with how it all flowed.

Renovating a builder grade townhouse is a lot simpler than a old home. Your foundation is your floors, and everything else you can change to complement it. In our case, we pulled out all the floors and started again! The sky was the limit.

This house has been a lot different. We have put a lot of brain power into figuring out what aspects of the house are really important to keep (ie. peaked ceilings and hardwood floors), what we can draw more focus to (ie. the grand window wall), and what just needs to go. I’m a big believer that when renovating an older home, you have a role to play in helping bring it back to life.

When we moved in, we knew we wanted to ensure our design choices worked with the house. We didn’t want to throw a modern design on a house that didn’t fit it. Our last house was quite cool toned, and the hardwood floors in this house are quite warm toned, so that’s been a challenge in making furniture and decor feel right in this space.

Ultimately, we’ve landed on warm greys, oatmeal, and a lot of brass and black accents. I would love to bring in some colour through rugs and art, and we’ll no doubt experiment with an accent wall or two.

I’ve learned a lot about the importance of texture in a space over the last year, and boy, it makes a world of difference. Whether it be different materials of pillows, wall hangings, bamboo blinds, or a rattan basket, texture is the game changer when it comes to making your space feel luxurious.

The absolute most important thing to us when designing our space is flow. We want to feel like we can ease from space to space without glaring differences. We want rooms to complement rather than compete. We want to carry tile choices, paint colours and fixtures throughout our home. To us, flow is what will make our “37 year old bungalow with a bazillion things” going on feel like a cozy modern and traditional home.