Levelling an Uneven Floor before Tiling

When Elliot ripped out the flooring in our main bathroom, we quickly realized we had sub-floor issues (…. well, and asbestos, but that’s a story for another day LOL).

Elliot and David (our neighbour, friend and tiler!) spent time brainstorming how we could fix it. The short story is that half of the bathroom was an add-on, and the 2 pieces of foundation didn’t join at the same height.

So, we had a ridge in the middle of our bathroom (problem #1) and a whole lot of rotten sub-floor (problem #2). The thing about water is that you can’t mess with it. A home is truly an investment, and if you have wet/rotten anything, you gotta deal with it.

We replaced the sub-floor (which was the easy part) and then we came up with a game plan to level the floor. ? David learned that self-levelling mortar would work and through a heck of a lot of team work, we made it happen!

We were all happy campers when we realized it worked. ?

Next up… waterproofing and tile!