Our Cozy Office Mood Board

We are very lucky to have a number of ‘extra’ spaces in our home — like our den, loft, and utility room! The extra space gave us plenty of options when it came to deciding where we wanted to create an office.

Ultimately we decided on the den! Not because it was the most ideal (it’s actually far from it, as it’s in the centre of the house, just off the “noisy” kitchen and living space)… but instead because we had a clear purpose for the other rooms. Process of elimination. 😉

Elliot had pretty bare bones expectations when it came to his office. He wanted it to be simple, clean, tidy, and ultimately, a space where he can focus. I on the other hand was determined to have it meet that, plus flow with the aesthetic of our home.

I designed the room with the hardwood floors and standing desk in mind. The plan is to layer a rug or two, create a functional workspace, and also add an additional cozy space where you could lounge or read a book.

Love some of the items we picked? Here’s where you can find them: