Designing our Master Bedroom (+ a Mood Board)

We’ve been daydreaming about how to turn our master bedroom into the sanctuary space we’ve been craving, and boom – we think we’ve got it!

Here’s where we’ve landed:

We already have a king mattress, but plan to switch out our bed frame to a low profile one that sits under the window. We’ve also been using high nightstands, but we’ll switch them out to a lower profile.

The reality of moving is that due to layout and size, some things don’t work in your new space. We’re pretty lean with our decor budget and a big believer in the 3 R’s, so we’re avid users of Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and our local buy & sell, The great thing about modern furniture in great condition is that it’s pretty easy to do “a swap” (ie. sell your existing nightstands for 25-50% off retail, buy new nightstands on sale).

We’re planning to do an accent wall (dark green!), and have enough wall space to hang a full length mirror, and some wedding photos.

For the window treatments, we’ve decided to do bamboo blinds, white curtains and black curtain rods. And we found a simple, yet beautiful, rug, we just love.

We’ll likely update our room in stages, and first things first is ordering our new bed frame, rethinking the closet and giving the room a once over with new paint! 🙂

Love some of the items we picked? Here’s where you can find them: