Rethinking Where our TV Lives…

At some point in late fall, Jill and I talked about the habit we’ve been in of watching Netflix after dinner… which led us to a conversation about our TV being in the living room…

The reality of our home is that we have a lot of space, and don’t really use it. We talked about the idea of moving the TV to our loft (a cozy little space that sits above our living area) and rethinking how we setup both rooms.

We haven’t used the loft much since moving in. We love the potential of it, but most of the time it kind of feel like we’re swimming in space. Sometimes I work up there in the mornings, once or twice my brother slept up there, but other than that, it just sits empty.

If we moved the TV up to the loft, we could make it feel like a “TV room,” which funny enough was how the previous owners had the house setup. If we did that, it would hopefully lead to us using the space more, allow us to make our living room more relaxy (tech-free) and ultimately, break the little habit we’ve been in.

This is our current living room setup:

And this is what our loft space looks right now (well with the exception of a vintage trunk we added for the coffee table!):

We posted about our little TV dilemma on our Instagram account and everyone said, “if you have the space for a TV room (or den), give yourself a TV room.”

So the people have spoken and that’s what we’ll do. 🙂