Turning our Living Room into a Relaxation Haven (+ a Mood Board)

One thing we loved about our living space in our last home was that it was calm, serene and an easy place to just relax. Since we designed that space, we’ve learned a lot about colours, textures, and lighting, and we’ve been excited to bring our new living room to life!

The first project “we” did at the house was hire some painters to tackle our living room, kitchen and loft. We were lucky to find a local duo who were available on short notice, and could paint it before we moved in. Hurrah!

We’re keen to turn our living room into a relaxation haven asap, as we know we’ll need it once we start to tear the rest of the house apart!

We ordered a new sectional from Article today and it should be here in the next week or two. From there, we’ll layer on furniture, art and decor, until we deem it — done!

Love some of the items we picked? Here’s where you can find them: