Turning our Under Stairs Space into a Pantry

One thing we’ve been committed to throughout this renovation has been adding function wherever possible. Sometimes that’s easy – add a shelf here or a drawer organizer there, but other times you truly need to live in a space to figure out how it’ll work best for you.

When we first walked through our house, the under stairs space off the living area was odd. It had a red light bulb and in our opinion, no purpose at all.

We know that at some point, we’d like to close in the stairs and turn the space into a closet, but in the meantime, we decided to turn the space into a pantry.

In a few short hours, the space was painted, and the next day, we added Ikea Algot shelves to the space. We had used Ikea’s Algot closet system extensively in our last reno, and it’s an easy and inexpensive way to add clean-looking shelves to a space.

TIP: If you’re considering Algot for your home, make sure to use Ikea’s Algot Planning Tools – it’ll make things much easier. 🙂